Work Life 

Research shows that social emotional skills can reduce teens' risk of

drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, school drop-out &

increase academic performance! 

Creating healthy, happy home environments is the most important aspect of our lives.
​Peacemaker Resources works with families to build healthy relationships by developing strong family connections, skillfully managing emotions, conflicts, and learning to navigate decision-making together.

Our work life benefits from positive systems of communication and conflict management that promote a welcoming, safe, trusting, workplace in which employees feel valued, supported and productive.  Peacemaker Resources provides support and resources for employers to create this healthy work place.

Peacemaker resources builds respectful relationships in schools, organizations, and families by helping individuals gain knowledge & skills for respectful communication and conflict resolution.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace" -John Lennon

Cultivating Communication, Compassion & Connection


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It's not enough to simply fill our brains with facts. A successful education develops personal character as well. Peacemaker Resources helps educators and students cultivate the skills to manage emotions, resolve conflict peacefully, and make responsible decisions.